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REACH Teacher Self-Evaluation 

Becoming a REACH teacher involves a process which is to be completed over the course of a school year. At the end of the year the applicant is asked to complete the self-evaluation which follows.  It is recommended that the form be reviewed at the beginning of the year so that s/he knows what is expected and can be focused on developing the skills which characterize and Adventist REACH teacher. If the intent of some items is unclear, please refer to the sample form.  

The members of the Inclusion Commission have asserted from the beginning of their work that we have in the Holy Spirit an advantage over all the resources of the public schools.  With this in mind the first section of the self-evaluation is spiritual. An inclusive teacher has responsibility for making an untold number of important decisions every day. Learning to rely on the Holy Spirit is the surest way to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. While no one can evaluate another’s spirituality, self-evaluation seems essential for growth.  

The other portions of the evaluation are fairly self-explanatory. However, if a teacher has questions s/he is encouraged to communicate with the Union Inclusion Commission representative. We are excited that you are considering beginning this journey and pray that you will be blessed in your efforts.