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New ID Managers for Educators and Students

We are happy to announce the launch of three new NAD web applications: User Manager, Data Rollup, and Student ID Manager. These applications (apps) can be used from any computer with a web browser anywhere in the world to manage your information. Navigate to for access.

The User Manager hosts the user information for the thousands of educators who will use this system.  It also allows varied levels of permissions to be granted to those who need it.  Additionally this app provides a link to eCertification reports coming from eAdventist.

Data Rollup is a new reporting system that can be used to create your various reports.  It is tied directly into several SIS vendors including:  Small School Minder, INOW, and RenWeb.  Say goodbye to long hours of report writing!

The Student ID system has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to adapt to a school’s typical registrar workflow. This will provide a much better means of obtaining and tracking your Student ID’s.

In order for you to access the above web apps we have pre-created a login account for you to use.  You can get in by clicking the link below (or, if that doesn’t work, copy it into your web browser’s address bar).  You will be asked to initially set your password, then you will be in the website.

Take a tour of different features of the ID Managers by watching the videos below:

User Manager Overview

Managing Your Organization (Teacher Export)

Manage Your Student Enrollment