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UPDATE: How Adventist Educators Should Respond to the H1N1 Virus

The current news media is teeming with information regarding the H1N1 virus, commonly called the Swine Flu. This information has varied from "an impending pandemic disaster" to "don't worry it is not as bad as they say." It is difficult to know how to respond to parents and students regarding how Adventist schools should deal with this problem. Below is a letter crafted by our General Conference doctors who are in daily contact with the CDC on this issue. This letter can be sent as is or personalized at the the school level for parents. I would suggest that all schools send a similar letter to all parents ASAP. Please follow the advise in the letter.

We have had several Adventist schools that are currently closed for a period of time due to flu outbreaks. This is not unusual, we have schools close every year for wide spread flu outbreaks. It is prudent to try to contain the outbreak and not spread the disease. At the same time, try to follow the advise of the CDC and not panic or be precipitious in our actions. NAD Office of Education offers the below letter to try to help school administrators with advise from health care professionals at the General Conference office.

Letter to Parents Regarding the H1N1 virus

CDC Guidelines