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Encyclopedia Britannica Now Available to All NAD Adventist School Students

The Technology and Distance Education Committee (TDEC) has contracted with Encyclopedia Britannica to provide the online encyclopedia to every school and every student in Adventist schools across the NAD. The NAD Office of Education is covering one half of the cost, and the union offices of education are covering the other half of the contract expenses for the first year. This is a fantastic resource and can be accessed by students from home.

»The website is

The long term login name will be the schools org ID (same one as CognitiveGenesis) and then use the password "nadsa1".

If a school wants to have direct access from school computers, they must have a static IP address and we can assign a direct link. But students will still need the other login information from home.
Again, this is FREE to schools and registered K-12 students in Adventist schools across the NAD.