Teachers, administrators, or coordinators — it's easy to make and upload your own video!

  1. Get ahold of an easy-to-use video player (like the Flip Video pictured here).
  2. Coordinate the script writing and filming as part of a class or as an extracurricular activity.
  3. Make sure that anyone who is in your video uses their first names only. Any videos with first and last names won't be shown on the Code of HONOR website.
  4. Upload your video.



Help Notice Respect

Count Your Blessings

Mr. Lang reminds Michael what he's good at.

Make a Bad Day Better

Katie shows one way to encourage someone who's down.

Remember Introductions!

Mrs. Gray forgets to introduce her daughter to Mr. Lang.

How to Make Conversation

Breanna engages a school guest in small talk.

Opening Doors—It's Simple

Omar demos how to make door-opening a regular part of your day.

Keeping Your School Clean

If only there were more people like Jesse ...

Finders, Helpers

You can notice and help—no matter who you are.

Notice Much?

Hannah plugs in and tunes out—with unfortunate results.

A Situation Develops

Be ready to help before someone even knows they need it.

That Doesn't Sound Fine

Jaclyn notices a friend is sad and suggests a remedy.

Be an Example

What do others learn from our behavior?

Clean Up After Yourself

Jenna makes a mess and then disappears.

Other People's Stuff

Katie heroically returns a long-forgotten book.

What If ...

Does your school make it easy for guests to find their way?

Pitch In

Kara shows how easy it is to keep things picked up.