Marketing for Adventist School Leaders


"Marketing" is not just advertising. "Marketing" is choosing who we want to be and then becoming that so authentically that engaged consumers will be our most effective advocates.


    …but, chances are, you cannot afford one right now.

Yet you need for every adult in your community to know that yours is “The BEST School in the World” for their children and grandchildren. You also would like for (almost) every child in town to want to be enrolled in your school. The people need to KNOW and BELIEVE. Maybe a brochure would help, but maybe it’s not the best answer to your need.

Here are five alternatives:

1. Invite everyone you can think of to become one of your friends on FaceBook. Now, use your FaceBook account to introduce your new teachers, profile some of the new students, and talk about some of the best things that are coming this year. F you don't have a FaceBook account, ask one of the older students to help you get one and maintain it.

2. Print several dozen 5x7 folded greeting cards and mail them to the parents of each prospective new student. Use your favorite photo from last school year (or a photo of this year's staff) and write a personal message in the card telling them how you're looking forward to having them part of the school family this year. is offering 5x7 folded greeting cards for 39¢ each through the 4th of August. Used code 75cards.




3. Adopt the CODE OF HONOR as described on the website. Have your students film a brief “Flip” video for H, N, and R, and send them to the NAD Office of Education. (This is not as hard as it sounds. See the samples in the “Educators Toolbox” portion of the website.) Ask the anchor for the local evening TV news to “judge” the three videos. You’ve got a great chance of being a feature on this weeks evening news! For the $199 cost of a Flip Video Camera you’ll continue to use all year.

4. Read and use the “PRINCIPALS MARKETING TO DO LIST”. Each item on that list is designed to increase local community exposure for your school.

5. If you really need a new recruiting brochure immediately, please send an e-mail to Mark Bond and he’ll connect you with a dozen great designs and the world’s fastest and least expensive printing.




Issue 2009:6

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About the Author

Dick Duerksen is Assistant to the President of Maranatha Volunteeers International where he serves as Storyteller. He is also Creative Consultant to the NAD Office of Education. Dick has worked within the Seventh-day Adventist church as a pastor, administrator, editor, planner and consultant for creative ministry.


1 Meet the Small Fry

Recruitment begins with the Tiny

Do a "Marketing Presentation" for the parents at every nearby Day Care Center.  Follow-up with an invitation for a "kid-friendly" campus tour. 


2 Listen Aloud

...and post hours

Make yourself incredibly easy for parents to find.  Place your schedule in church bulletins.  Hold a couple "open-forum" conference calls.  Listen, and they will share...and support.


3 Do Their Homework

Keep the parents a month ahead
Prepare the homework assignments and pages at least a month ahead. Bind them in a booklet and send a copy home to the folks. They'll respect you more if they know you're ahead.  And they'll help the kids keep up!


4 Think Parent

Ask: What would a parent like?
Then do it. Surprise them. Again and again till they know you're serious about serving them. Choose to like them.