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The Code of Honor

Grow My School - October 5, 2009

What do parents want from your school? If you did a careful parent desire survey it would likely give you these top three hopes:

1. Treat my child as a valuable human being – which will help develop a positive self-image that includes treating others as valuable.

2. Help my child to develop a love of learning – which will help improve grades to exceed ability.

3. Guide my child to become a good citizen – courteous, empathetic, supportive, kind, and wise – like your school staff.

Your marketing plan requires that you exceed parental expectations in each area.

How are you doing?

Dealing with #1:

The new Adventist Education website offers you a unique tool for the first item on the list. Click on the “Marketing” tab and search for The Code of Honor. What you’ll find is a simple process designed to make your school a Haven of Quality Customer Service.

The Code of Honor is designed to help staff, students, and parents, Help, Notice, and Respect, three valuing skills that will transform your school.

There are tools for teaching students. There are ways for students to get involved in teaching others about the code. There are awards, rewards, and opportunities for recognition across North America. Even better, there are specific things for you to do as school leader, actions that will involve your school family in making The Code of Honor come to life on your campus.

Your school could quickly become known as the most customer-friendly school in the community, which, by the way, would make the parents very happy, which would be really good for your marketing!


Dealing with #2:

A. Use ten minutes during Monday worship to tell the school family something new you’ve learned in the last week. Model the joy of learning while also showing  what you can do with new knowledge. For example…

     * How the Greenland ice cap is receding far faster than predicted.

     * How floods in India have left more than 2.5 million homeless – and what ADRA is doing in response

     * How Saul/Paul became a Roman citizen because the Romans granted  citizenship to his father, a tentmaker who worked mainly for the Roman military.

B. Visit each classroom this week and affirm the teacher, in front of the students, for how he or she is modeling the joy of learning.

C. Create a special web page on your school site that celebrates how a number of your graduates are scoring well in college and achieving success in their careers. Use quotes from them describing how “learning to love learning” has been important to their success.

Dealing with #3:

How to accomplish number three in the list of what most parents want your school to provide for their children? The Code of Honor will help you here!

Go to the website. Watch the videos. Buy a FLIP Video and have your staff challenge the students to make some videos of their own. Become the best Code of Honor school in North America. Market your school!

Till next week!

Dick Duerksen, Editor, Grow My School

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